Ethernet not repsonding LED1 blinking Olimexino-328 + MOD-ENC28J60

Started by gregh, December 11, 2021, 06:58:04 PM

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After some time running fine (from a week to hours) my Olimexino-328 + MOD-ENC28J60 does not respond to pings anymore or ping times are > 5 sec and no ethernet connection is possible.
The LED1 is blinking very fast.
After power down / up everything is fine and the LED1 is constant.

I have added a watchdog timer with no luck.
I also changed the power supply unit, no change.

How can I debug this, some hints what to do?

Thank you!



I can reproduce this behavior when I unplug the MOS-ENC28J60 while running. LED1 blinks very fast, reset does not work, all other LEDS are normal (including the Ethernet LEDs on the socket). Power down/up solves the problem (and plugin in of course).
But not every time the LED1 blinks when the error occurs while running, sometimes only the Ethernet does not respond to ping or the ping times are extremely slow.
Is there a hardware issue?


After reading a little on arduino forums [1] and blogs, it seems that the ENC28J60 chip needs a lot of CPU power and makes therefore problems with arduino uno boards.

Are there recommendations for a suitable Ethernet uext module for Olimexino-328?
Arduino forums recommend Wiznet W5100 or W5500 chips, but unfortunately I could not find one for Olimexino-328.

Or should I instead go with the OLIMEXINO-2560 + MOD-ENC28J60 ?
Did someone try this combination?



It is quite possible that the problem was related to a client program, that sometimes did not close socket connections. I can't test it now, because I changed the hardware.