AARCH64 CPU support with the ARM-USB-OCD-HL

Started by nrclark, July 29, 2021, 09:30:58 AM

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Can openOCD+ARM-USB-OCD-HL talk to aarch64 CPUs? I want to use it for some JTAG debugging on an ARM A55.


The best idea is to raise the question at the OpenOCD's mail lists. From hardware point of view, it will work, but whether there is actual software support for Cortex-A55 in OpenOCD is another question. Maybe also check if somebody in OpenOCD tested the software the exact same chip as the one you have in mind.
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Thanks, will do.

Would you expect OpenOCD+ARM-USB-OCD-HL to work on more common aarch64 chips (like an A53 or an A72)?


That's another question for the OOCD ML :)