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Started by flipflops, February 08, 2013, 05:27:35 AM

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I am working with the maxi board and I see in the literature that there are 20 GPIO pins available to Linux. I plan to drive ten 2.5v SSRs directly from the GPIOs so my questions are:

Are there any specific GPIO pins that will have less of an impact on other functions? More specifically, are there certain pins that I should avoid using because they are reserved by other functions like LCD output?

How much amperage is available to the Linux accessible GPIOs? Will I have a problem driving ten 2.5v SSRs like the following?


And can I use the 5v power GPIO to power the 5v input of the aforementioned SSR board?


Fadil Berisha

Hi flipflops,

Most likely you can connect ten 2.5V SCR inputs on ten separate 3.3V output pin's. 
Please download reference manual IMX23RM.pdf. There you will find answers
-how pins are multiplexed in multiple functions and GPIO,
-what is max current on GPIO, etc.