How is A13-SOM powered?

Started by jlucius, June 24, 2014, 09:44:23 AM

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Does anybody know how the A13 SOM is powered?

Is it powered by the micro USB on the shield?

Could not see / find any other power connectors



Probably you should wait until the files are released but it's likely almost the same as A20-SOM whose schematics show how it can be powered.



I've found this:

First pins on GPIO-1 should help you out.

Link to full-sized image:



i have been having some issues with power as well, I can power the som fine, but the wifi module won`t power on.

I tried injecting power through the 3.3v of the debug UART, 3.3v on the header of the wifi module and 5v on the header of the wifi module, every time the SOM powers on fine, but I never get the power led of the wifi module to light up and the wireless is not recognized, however in all instances the lcd backlight does turn on

anybody have an idea?


if you have WIFI shield you should not apply 3.3V externally!
the WIFi shield generate the 3.3V for A13-SOM!
just provide 5V to the WIFI shield from the USB-OTG connector or the 5V pin on the connectors