OpenOCD Settings in CubeMXIDE Debugger Launch settings

Started by sailorXY, June 29, 2021, 11:29:38 am

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Dear Olimex-Team or experienced Users,

I'm new in the JTAG enabled Programming/Debugging of the Olimex boards (STM32-H405). Up to now I only used it with MicroPython - but now I need native C-Programming for better performance.

I made my program in CubeMX/CubeMXIDE and wanted to program/debug it with the OLIMEX-USB-TINY-H JTAG dongle. I was able to install the win32-USB drivers (in WIN10) and also the openocd program. Unfortunately the provided Board config script:


is not readable by CubeMXIDE?

What else I need to configure for the openocd program in the options box?
Is there any special settings in CubeMX - e.g. "Debug: Serial Wire" in the SYS configuration?

Thanks for your help.



Did you refer to chapter "3.8 STM32CubeIDE" from the manual? Page 25.
Technical support and documentation manager at Olimex