ESP32-POE WifiServer and EthernetServer for accepting connections

Started by grbba, June 18, 2021, 04:25:38 PM

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I am new here and look forward using this nice piece of hardware for my projects.

I try to accept connections on a given port on the ETH and the WiFi connections in parallel. I can start WiFi and the WiFiServer on a given port and accept connections.
I can start ETH but there seems no ETHServer to be available to be used to accept incoming connections. Can you advise where to look and ev. provide an example ? or i misunderstood some fundamentals maybe.

I think if i would know how to create the ETHServer on a given port i would be fine.
I have one theory but i am not sure at all: As the MAC address for both connections ( on different IP addresses ) showing up on my router is the same i can imagine that the WiFiServer handles both. BUT in the signature of the Server the number of connections (sockets) is initialized to 4 which is more consistent with a pure WiFi setup. Normally i would expect 8 sockets on the ETH part and 4/5 sockets on the Wifi parts. But well its a hypothesis and no idea how to test all this for now

Thanks a lot