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USB mounting position

Started by catotonic, June 29, 2021, 05:19:15 PM

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I am a small manufacturer. Rather than designing a board with individual components I can save a lot of time and assembly cost by using a ESP32 development board. I was looking at the Olimex ESP32 LiPo development boards for my products. The problem is that I need to put my design into an enclosure.  Because the USB on the Olimex Lipo board is set back there is a chance that a USP cable will not be able to make a connection thru a plastic enclosure.  So I have to mount my own USB connector on my motherboard to allow a USB cable to connect.
To allow Olimex a better chance to be used as an OEM part in a larger design, they might want to consider mounting the USB closer to the edge or even with a slight over hang. For me, this issue is also a problem for the Gateway.


Thank you for the feedback. I understand the issue and the suggestion but we can't do that. It would make the micro USB port connector easier to damage and prone to bending. It is quite a fragile connector as it is, without sticking out. Furthermore, it would lead to compatibility issues with customers that had already implemented these boards in their designs.
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