XMEGA Unable to connect to tool AVRISP mkII

Started by granel, April 28, 2021, 03:37:22 PM

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hi, receive today from DigiKey this programmer (have too original programmer == all ok).
PN 9000040460
AS7 - can'not see device.
read all in Google and your site drivers requirments.
I am radioengeneer more 30 ears, but I can not get your programmer to work, it may need to be returned to the seller?
or you help to me ?
My PC win10 64 bit , all last updates - 28.04.2021
New Microchip Studio 7, AVR Dude, SinaProg, AVRdudess, Zadig.


this programmer was bought for ATXMEGA128A1 PDI interface