A20 with USB HSDPA Modem i would like connect from remote pc via ssh internet

Started by Franco57, March 15, 2021, 01:05:25 pm

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i have a Olimex A20 micro with a USB modem HSDPA that is working and i can connecto to internet.
I would like to connect to this board from home by ssh (and also vnc if it is possible). Searching in internet i found some methods like to use VSP server and ssh reverse tunneling, but i have some problem to configure the server. I found also a suggest to use openVpn, but i cannot install openvpn on my A20 board.
Can someone help me in order to solve this problem ?

The configuration is:
-mmc with:
Linux version 3.4.90+ (root@debian) (gcc version 4.7.1 (Debian 4.7.1-7) ) #11 SMP PREEMPT Wed Aug 20 08:20:32 EEST 2014


Hi, still looking for a solution? I have not seen your post earlier, but I have built a setup for monitoring a remote server which has to connect to internet through gprs. Although I'm not using a HSDPA modem as I could not get that stable enough the idea is the same, using 2 ssh tunnels (one forwared and one reverse). Currently it is stable for several months and I do have access to it from home, although the speed is fairly limited. That could be caused by the slow remote gprs connection.
Just let me know if you're still interested, than I can share my setup.