EEG-SMT Stopped Getting Any Output

Started by Tyndalos, February 11, 2021, 04:08:58 am

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I had been successfully using EEG-SMT for several weeks to record my sleep activity. Recently, the device stopped working. The tool I'm using to record the signal doesn't show any errors but doesn't seem to be getting any data from the device.

At some point I got a small static shock when touching one of the electrodes. I don't know if I had any successful recording after that. Is it possible that this static shock could have broken something even if it was just on one of the electrodes?


There is protection against static electricity discharge, but if the charge is too big the protection might get get damaged.

First make sure that the electrodes are properly plugged in. If all of the electrodes are passive - try to swap them around. Maybe just the electrodes got damaged (especially if these are active electrodes) What electrodes are you using?

What is the behavior of the unit - are there are any readings at all? Flat lines? Is it visible and listed properly in your operating system? Is the red led on, while the unit is plugged?
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The shock did not feel particularly large but I don't know if I would have been able to feel the actual size. I've checked the connection for all the electrodes. I'm using 1 passive and 4 active.

There are absolutely zero readings. I'm not getting any output from the device at all. It does still show up on my operating system and the tool I'm using is able to connect to it and wait for a signal. Yes, the red light is on while it's plugged in.

Thank you for your help and prompt reply!