Issue to send ssid and password to wifi config struct (esp-idf)

Started by campestring, December 18, 2020, 10:29:16 AM

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Hello everyone I am trying to do this :

void wifi_init_sta(char* wifiname, char* password)
wifi_config_t wifi_config = {
        .sta = {
            .ssid = wifiname, //not working
            .password = password,// not working too

And It doesn't work I have tryed a lot of technics but Nothing is working... I have made some research but I didn't find anything...
THank you !


What board exactly do you have?

For software support with default ESP-IDF it might be a good idea to also post  post in the espressif forums or check the issues at ESP-IDF's GitHub.
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I am using an ESP32-EVB, I didn't find any answer to the problem...


We tested it. The default demos work fine. You can find the demo we tested Examples -> wifi -> getting_started -> softAP. Make sure to use the default demo and via the menuconfig to add your network settings (passwords, SSID).
Technical support and documentation manager at Olimex