Help with install of Olimex PIC-KIT3 - USB device not recognized windows7

Started by got_olim, January 24, 2021, 04:31:00 AM

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I just received the Olimex PIC-KIT3 programmer.
When I plug it into the PC I'm getting "USB Device not recognized"
I'm running windows 7

I suspect there is a driver I need to install.
And I'm not seeing anything in the PDF manual.
Can anyone help with this?



(1) First make sure you have installed the MPLAB environment.

(2) Then try different USB port (try all USB ports)

(3) Try another USB cable.

Here PIC-KIT3 gets listed under "Human Interface Devices" section in "Windows Device Manager". It populates two entries "HID-compliant vendor-defined device" and "USB Input Device".
Technical support and documentation manager at Olimex


Thank you very much!
It was the cable.

So - I'm attempting to transition from using the Pickit2 programmer to the Olimex programmer.
In MPLAB I am able to connect the device up to the Pickit2 and get successful read/write

But when I switch over to the Olimex programmer I get the following:

PICkit 3 detected
Connecting to PICkit 3...
Running self test...
Self test completed
Firmware Suite Version...... 01.26.81
Firmware type......................Enhanced Midrange
Downloading AP...
AP download complete
Running self test...
Self test completed
Firmware Suite Version...... 01.26.81
Firmware type......................Midrange
PICkit 3 Connected.

PK3Err0045: You must connect to a target device to use PICkit

I'm pretty sure I have the connections to the device pins correct.
I will try to post a picture of the pinouts as I understand them


PICKIT2 Pinout          Olimex Pinout (Pin 1 is near the Yellow LED)

1 - mclr                mclr             
2 - 5+                  5+
3 - Gnd                 Gnd
4 - Dat                 Dat
5 - Clk                 Clk


I might have it figured out.
I needed to add 5vdc to be supplied to the device by the programmer.


Thank you for the update and glad the things are moving forward. Make sure to do some measuring to figure out the pinout after the ISP cable - often people connect Olimex PIC-KIT3 in reverse!

If your target is not powered by another source, then you can power it from the PIC-KIT3 just make sure that option is enabled in MPLAB.

If the problem remains upload somewhere pictures of the hardware connections between the target and the PicKit2 and then between the target and the PIC-KIT3 and then share the links here.
Technical support and documentation manager at Olimex