WFI32E01PE as UEXT or standalone board?

Started by kyrk.5, November 10, 2020, 04:01:39 PM

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Hi all,

somehow without any big announcement microchip release something that seems to be like an ESP32, a PIC32 uC with integrated WiFi:

I think they try to keep this as secret, otherwise I can not see any reason why they do not push this product.

So the idea would be, to make an UEXT board. But since there is a PIC32 in it, I guess the standalone board option would be better. Sadly they sell it with minimum  amount of a tray. So for a single hobbyist it is too expensive. The Development board they offer is also too expensive. Not sure how microchip plans to compete with ESP32.

I would love to see a board with this. But I fear, this wont be commercial a big hit :( But let see...


With $11 price we all know what will follow :)

Esspressif have the biggest ecosystem as they were the pioneer to offer $1-2 modules.

Even such giants like Realtek and so on try to take share from them later, but didn't succeed as the software support and community Espressif have makes them untouchable.

Why to learn new architecture and ICs when ESP32 is affordable and have thousands of libraries, frameworks, RTOS and apps?

It was same as Arduino, when it became buzz word, many Silicon vendors though, hmmm we can offer same form factor board with our chips for less and we will win the Arduino community. Nothing like this happen.


I clicked Order Now and it didn't even tell me the price immediately.

Mchip need to get with it.



Just looked at the datasheet of the WFI32E01PE and I think I know where Microchip is focussing at. It is the automotive industry. They have included the CAN-FD interface. The ESP32 has a CAN interface, however all new automotive applications will need the new standard: CAN-FD. This combined with WIFI would fit in systems for autonomous driving. Concerning the price: Espressif waited for the CAN 2.0 patent of Bosch to become free a few years ago. Microchip has to pay the fee for CAN-FD for every chip.