ESP32-ADF Rev.B - Rev.C Hardware Differences

Started by winfried, November 22, 2020, 12:45:02 AM

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What are the differences between this hardware revisions ?

(or where is the new Schematic Rev.C  ?) -- updated in git

What I found out:

I just got new ESP32-ADF and setup VSCode ESP-IDF and tried the Blink Example to test my Developing Environment.
It seems to compile and flash and also Monitor "Blink on, Blink off, ..." ... but did not blink.

I used an older board  and it worked, so I suspected the LED broken. During measuring I found out, LED is connected to GPIO2 not GPIO22, but is working. Configuring the example with GPIO2 works and
then I saw Rev.C instead of Rev.B on the board and could not find the Rev.C schematic in your github repo for ESP32-ADF.

So my questions:
 - Are there any more differences ?
 - Why has it been routed to another GPIO ?

 winfried ritsch
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Thanks for notice. I don't see such changes to the LED, but there are some major changes, including the addition of SD card. I've uploaded the revision sources here:

Revision changes notice here:
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Thanks very much for the update.

Wow, SD-Card now, I didnt see the sd card comparing the revisions,
whilest I saw the SJ1 and the manual patch cable on REV.B

Anyhow measuring on Rev.C LED was connected to GPIO2 and on Rev.B on GPIO22.
and now also shown in the kicad Rev.C schematics, it differs from Rev.B.

and on Rev.C GPIO22 is now connected to IR LED, was GPIO4 on Rev.B.
and GPIO4 on Rev.C is now TP_VOLM and TP_VOLM on Rev.B is GPIO13

What I compared until now:
component  Rev.B          Rev.C     LyraT V4.3
LED             GPIO22      GPIO2       GPIO22
TP_VOLM   GPIO13      GPIO4       GPIO13

It is easy to change in project settings for different revisions but not compatible to LyraT V4.3 anymore.

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Let me know if you have suggestions how the documents should be improved, I will update it very fast.
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