ESP32-PoE-ISO UART1 issue

Started by ninousf, September 16, 2020, 06:01:14 PM

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by looking at the GPIO map, i saw that UART1 is available in UEXT connector:

Unforutnatly, i did not succeed to use it.

Is there an hardware issue because if i look at the ESP32-WROOM-32D datasheet, the UART1 is not on the same GPIOs:



Redefine the UART to the UEXT pins GPIO4 and GPI36.

If you are using Arduino for ESP32 and you have properly installed and selected ESP32-PoE-ISO from the board selector - there are already macros RX1 and TX1. Just use RX1 and TX1 in the code. Here are the definitions:

Remember, as an espressif employee once said:

"The first rule of ESP32 is use any pin you want! (Sort of)"

Technical support and documentation manager at Olimex


I have the same issue. I'm trying to use the second serial as follow:

voisd setup()
  Serial1.begin(9600, SERIAL_8N1, RX1, TX1, false);
void loop()
  delay(5); // wait the remote board to answer

  while (Serial1.available())


I see with my oscilloscope both tx and rx signals at the GPIO pin of ESP32-POE module, but nothing is printed on the debug `Serial`.

I put a pull-up resistor on GPI36 (even if it's driven by the transceiver).
Is there something else I should do in order to receive?


Are you using the Olimex JSON package? Have you selected ESP32-POE from the board selector?

If you use our Olimex JSON pakcage, for ESP32-POE serial #2 pins are set as follow RX - GPIO35 and TX - GPIO33, you can find them at EXT2 connector. In your code use RX2 and TX2 macro (I see you use RX1 and TX1... this is serial 1 available at the UEXT - GPIO4 and GPI36).

Refer to the definitions here:
Technical support and documentation manager at Olimex