WFI32E01PE as UEXT or standalone board?

Started by kyrk.5, November 10, 2020, 04:01:39 pm

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Hi all,

somehow without any big announcement microchip release something that seems to be like an ESP32, a PIC32 uC with integrated WiFi:

I think they try to keep this as secret, otherwise I can not see any reason why they do not push this product.

So the idea would be, to make an UEXT board. But since there is a PIC32 in it, I guess the standalone board option would be better. Sadly they sell it with minimum  amount of a tray. So for a single hobbyist it is too expensive. The Development board they offer is also too expensive. Not sure how microchip plans to compete with ESP32.

I would love to see a board with this. But I fear, this wont be commercial a big hit :( But let see...