Lime2 power-up issue

Started by RobLewis, January 20, 2021, 03:40:31 pm

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I have problem at power-up, every second start of board is failed.
The PSU 5VDC 1A work normally, I tested with two other PSU as well.
Also I try several different version of OS, but have same result.
How I can detect this problem?

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What does the fail exactly look like? Any log of regular start up and failed start up to compare?

How long do you keep the power disconnected before re-applying it? If you remove the power supply and re-apply it very fast (for example 1 second after removing it) this might be a problem. Some capacitors are still charged.

If you wish to avoid such power down - power up problems my advice is to have always Li-Po battery connected. This fixes most similar issues.
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