SWV for Olimex STM32-E407 board and ST-LINK-V2

Started by lim, October 21, 2020, 09:11:33 AM

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Hi there,

I have followed the steps to enable the SWV, right from the ST32CubeMX, setting the Serial Debug, and etc, and finally printf. However, nothing happen.

Has anyone used that before. Any advice will be appreciated.

Thank you


Are you sure your debugger support SWV/ITM? Does it have SWO pin connected?

I see that on Olimex STM32-E407 the pin is properly connected, JTAG's pin #13 PB3/TDO properly goes to processor's PB3 pin - this is the SWO pin.

Notice that I don't have much experience with STM32CubeMX myself, I just recently managed to get it working with Olimex debuggers and boards. It might be a good idea to check and maybe post in the ST community forums.
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Many thanks. I managed to get it done. With those pinouts, yet I failed. However, further investigation shown that I need to set up the SWV Core Clock to the micro's HCLK.

Thank you so much.