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How to use 4 MB flash

Started by LeoB, September 29, 2020, 09:38:35 AM

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Hello all,
I bought some ESP32-Devkit-Lipo to make some tests with ESP32 and to understand if I can use this board for my purpose.
I'm using Micropython for my scope and I installed the last firmware and I tried both version with and without SPIRAM support.
In both cases when I upload the base firmware I got back the message saying "Auto detect memory: 4MB" but during the boot I got back a SPI init failure and checking the free space using the command micropython.mem_free() I see only 110K of free space.
Could you please help me to understand what's wrong?

Thank you!


I don't see a problem. This seems normal, most memory is used for the operating system and python interpreter itself.
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Ok, thank you for your reply.
What sounds strange to me is that with the firmware with or without SPIRAM, I got the same space and the firmware with SPIRAM support I got back the error "SPI RAM not initialized". For this reason I supposed there is something wrong.
Thank you