Pinguino Micro power specification

Started by jmx, September 26, 2012, 02:06:31 AM

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I'm designing an interface board to hook a bunch of sensors to a Pinguino Micro and control a quadcopter.
The micro has an LM1117 on-board regulator and according to the data sheet it should can operate up to 800 mA (
Am I correct to assume that I can source up to 800 mA on the 3.3 V pins (CON2:17),  UEXT:1 and ICSP:2?



Hello there,

800 mA is the optimal output which is achieved at much lower voltage. We have 5V input and at 5V it can supply 200mA (a bit more but the radiator in LM1117 is not exactly the greatest so I'd go with 200mA max).

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