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Started by Faruk, August 18, 2020, 04:01:12 PM

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Hello everyone. I have some problem with my Olinuxino-A64 card. I compiled image on buildroot for my Olinuxino-A64. I try working to sound but unfortunatelly I couldn't it. I used "speaker-test", "mpv", "ffplay" tools but I couldn't any result.

When I did some research I found that I had to check some files. So I checked /proc/asound/card0/pcm0p/sub0/hw_params file with "cat" command but it return "closed" and I couldn't find any "asound.conf" file in any folder. I connected speaker to Headphones jack on Olinuxino-A64. How can I fixed this problem? The advice will be very helpful. Thanks for helping.


I'm experiencing this issue as well.  Installed ALSA, JACK, and OSS with no change in result.


You can build our A64 images, refer here:


For example to build the A64 buster base image run:

bash run.sh -v image A64-OLinuXino buster base A64-OLinuXino-buster-base-$(date +%Y%m%d-%H%M%S).img

Technical support and documentation manager at Olimex


Thanks Lub.

Is there an option to use a modified kernel configuration with the build scripts?


So Faruk, I played around a little bit using the latest Olimex Focal release image, and I came to find out by testing all channels with the -c 6 parameter, speaker-test was outputting the audio as rear speakers.

How did you make out?  Did you find this to be the case as well?


Hello afancher, I'm trying to play the sound on the image I have compiled, without using stock images. I think I installed the necessary packages, but I didn't get any results.

Can you explain how to use the "-c 6" parameter? I might be doing these parts wrong.



ALSA has a utility called speaker-test.  When you run it you can specify the number of channels to test.  By default, only the left front speaker is tested.  If you specify "-c 2" it will test just the front speakers, but if you specify "-c 4" it will test the rear speakers as well, and "-c 6" will additionally test center channel and subwoofer.

If you run speaker-test -c 4 you might hear the output when it tests the rear speakers.

You can also specify your audio device.  If you run an aplay -L command, you will see a list of your audio devices.  To make sure a specific device is being used by speaker-test, add the -Dplug: argument to the command line (i.e. -Dplug:default)


So after playing with it some more, I discovered the "-t wav" option in which a human voice calls out the name of the speaker channel.  It would same that there is a bit of a delay between the visual indication and the playing of the test sound.  If it's the default sound (pink noise), it will be the same for all channels.  But once I ran it with the -t wav argument I was able to hear "Front Left" and "Front Right", while the command line was showing "Rear left" and "rear right". 

So in my case, audio is now working.

However, as you pointed out I'm using a released build and you've built your own.  Are you using a default kernel configuration or custom?


Hello afancher,

Thanks for information. I will try asap it.

I haven't had time to deal with the A64 for a few days. I do not use default settings. I will try to compare with default settings. If I don't get results, I'll compile with default settings and test.


Hello again.

When I use `speaker-test` command, the sound is distorted. When I use `speaker-test -twav` I can understand spoken words but sounds as pitched.

When I tried play any mp3, just I heared distorted sound. I tried `mplayer`, `vlc`, `mpv` but results same. I cannot hear a proper sound from the headphone jack. Any suggestion?

Alsamixer Card: sun50i-a64-audio
Linux version: 5.8.7-olimex
Ubuntu 18.04 (created with olimage)


It solved. I tried new image(http://images.olimex.com/release/a64/A64-OLinuXino-focal-base-20200731-164238.img.7z) and its worked. I think, other image that created with olimage has some problem. 


indeed when you create your own image and something doesn't work it's always good idea to check the pre-built images from our developers where everything is tested