A64 OTG device powered off during boot

Started by vcozma, August 27, 2020, 07:06:25 PM

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I have a A64 board with 2 USB devices ( USB + OTG ) .

after restart the OTG-connected devices does not show, after some investigation I found this in syslog right before device disconnected :

"usb0-vbus: disabling"

Googling it, seems this is the problem .

If I unplug the device and plug back on , is works as expected .

1. I am using Bionic Base image , as suggested ( had some freeze issues with Armbian )

HOWEVER, Armbian image did not have this problem ( OTG ).

2. I tried :


however, the device is not found in the first place, so this does not work in this case .

Do you have some (magic? :D) solution for this ?

( other than usb-hub )

I have found 2 ideas on this thread :


a. First, MVP answer's , about uhubctl

b. disabling autosuspend globally ( F1Linux's answer )

Please advise !

Thanks !


What kind of restart do you perform?

What image exactly are you using (what does uname -a report)?
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