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Pinguino only for expert

Started by diogo, January 31, 2013, 01:03:28 pm

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The Pinguino boards are designed for professionals already working with microcontrollers?
Where there is documentation for beginners?
The mark Pinguino has no one to answer the questions posed in the official forum?


Pinguino project and IDE is made by two guys: Jean-Pierre Mandon and Regis Blanchot they run web site

as you may know this is open source hobby project, Pinguino community is smaller compared to the Arduino community this is why there are no so many fancy documents, examples demos etc.

if you have PIC programming experience and like Microchip products Pinguino may be useful for you as offer bootloader and IDE all in one i.e. you do not need programmer to program your code, also there are many libraries which will make your life easier, the minus is like Arduino here you have no real debugging but only console print which limits the comfort which one professional developer is used to

if you have no glue for microcontrollers Pinguino definitely at it's current state is not good choice

you can give a try to Arduino where everything already is chewed for you and you can "write" your code by simple copy and paste someone elses code without even need to understand what it does and to call yourself "maker"  ;D