A64 Bricked ?

Started by Xkey-score, July 29, 2020, 11:32:54 PM

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Hey, guys,

I have a problem with my a64.

I had installed armbian and I connected either with the serial port or ssh.


I haven't touched the card for several weeks due to lack of time.
When I wanted to turn it back on I couldn't connect with the serial port and absolutely nothing is displayed at boot time when I connect a hmdi screen.


The power light is on and the Lsusb command detects the card well.


I'm using the power supply sold for the card

I writed again armbian on the card again, but it didn't work.


Black screen at boot time, then 'no device connected'.

Do you think my card's a bricked ?  Any idea what the problem is?
Thank you

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The CPU can't be bricked (it has an internal BROM, boot rom).

But you can write unbootable data to an SD card.  If you do, just write bootable data to it :)



Can you try with our official Olimage images here:


Get the archive with Bionic Base - "A64-OLinuXino-bionic-base-20200701-182325.img.7z"
Technical support and documentation manager at Olimex


Hello John S
I flashed one of the ROMs available on the site. A buster that I placed on the card with ISO DUMPER.
This one :


but I will follow the recommendation of 'GLOBAL MODERATOR' by flashing another image.

I will give you the result.
Thank you.



I just changed my image and it worked. I booted on the Debian buster base and it went flawless.

There must be a pobleme with the Focal base.

The password for the first connection to the olimex Debian buster Base image is :

login: Root
password: olimex

Edit: removed irrelevant link from post, please refrain from posting such ad links