Touch Screen Compatibility With A64

Started by afancher, July 27, 2020, 07:12:29 PM

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I am looking at purchasing an Olinuxino A64 board and using the 4.3" LCD available from Olimex.

I see that the RTS variation is advertised as having a digital interface suitable for A64.

However, I recently inquired about this product and was told that it is not yet supported in the Olimex linux images and still needs to be implemented.

Is it just the prebuilt images that don't support it? 

The reason I ask is I am building my own image using Armbian installation scripts provided by:
git clone --branch olimex-dev

This has specific kernel configuration options for this particular LCD.  What exactly is not yet supported, just the touch panel?

Thanks in advance!


Just wanted to add a bit of information...

My kernel version is 5.4.21 and I am using the Teres-A64 board default configuration.

In the kernel configuration menu, Device Drivers > Input device support > Touchscreens > Microchip AR1020/1021 i2c touchscreen seems to support the touch screen controller on the RTS board.

Device Drivers > Graphics support > Display Panels > Olimex LCD-OLinuxino panel seems to support the LCD itself.



The RTS variant of the 4.3 inch display is not yet available for purchase, the support is not yet implemented. As soon as it is available for purchase the support would be implemented and the sources can be explored. We can't add support for things we are yet to finalize. We can't give you information about something that does not yet exist.
Technical support and documentation manager at Olimex


Oh OK so the RTS was never available.  I assumed it was just simply out of stock.


Ah, now I understand where the confusion came from. Yes, it was never produced and sold.
Technical support and documentation manager at Olimex


Hope you guys had a good vacation.  Any chance AR1021 touch controller will be implemented in next release? ;)