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SAM-ICE to program the STM32-H103

Started by Canuk27, May 28, 2013, 04:40:10 am

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Does anyone know whether I could use my SAM-ICE (Atmels version of the Segger JLink device) JTAG device to program and debug the STM32-H103 board? I am planning to use the Olimex ODS platform on Windows.


Hello Canuk27,

From the Atmel's website:

"Atmel SAM-ICE™ is a JTAG emulator designed for Atmel SAMA5, SAM3, SAM4, SAM7 and SAM9 ARM® core-based microcontrollers, including the Thumb® mode."

SAM-ICE is not designed to work with STMicroelectronics ARM products. At least I wasn't able to find any information for such support. At the supported devices list there is no such mention also:

Your SAM-ICE however works with our AT-SAM boards

The other option for programming STM32-H103 is picking one of our OpenOCD debuggers (for instance Both the device and the debugger have a simple example in Olimex ODS.

Note that Olimex ODS is a good choice when you have an Olimex OpenOCD debugger and Olimex board since there are ready configuration files and make files. If this isn't the case you would need to adjust the environment files yourself.

Best regards,
Technical support and documentation manager at Olimex