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Flashing LPC-L2294 (8MB)

Started by Dawn13, July 15, 2020, 12:29:01 PM

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Hi there,

i'm fairly new to this, so please be patient with me if asking noob questions !

I have an .elf file that i need to flash onto a LPC-L2294. The guy who originally did this with that board some 13 years ago, told me that there are jumpers to be set before this can be done, but he can't remember which ones.
I'll be using a J-LINK EDU for this.
I've been searching for weeks now to find info about the jumpers on the board but can't find any detailed info or manual about this board.

I would appreciate if someone can shed some light or provide a link...



The jumpers are described on the board itself and you can find them in the schematic:


But I believe you only need to care about the jumpers if you upload via the RS232 connector. If you use JTAG tool the only jumper you might care is DBG_E which allows debugging, but since you want to only download binary, its position shouldn't matter either. The default positions are:

RUN/ICSP to the opposite of ON side (1,2). CAN_T - closed; CAN-D - open; RST_E - open; ISP_E- open; RD1/RD2 - RD1 positon; TD1/TD2 - TD1 position; BOOT0 and BOOT1 position 1
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