Analog audio output for A20 armbian

Started by sosinskim, June 25, 2020, 03:09:21 pm

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I am working with A20 LIME2 T2 rev.K with latest Debian image (A20-OLinuXino-buster-base-20200417-113854).

I want to use the analog audio from GPIO-1, according to the document:

But it doesn't work, the audio is always output to HDMI when I tried aplay -l, it only shows the HDMI device:

I also tried using arduino based speaker:

That didn't work, because it outputs something so loud

It should have sun4i-codec audio device for analog playback. How can I turn it on?

With this error:

I had a no sound problem for a long time, but I tried several solutions, some of them solved

Thanks a lot!

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You might want to try apt update and apt upgrade to update to latest image. If it still doesn't work try the latest release from the beginning of this month named "A20-OLinuXino-buster-base-20200601-141239.img.7z". You can find it here:

If the problem remains, copy paste the results you get from aplay -l here.

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