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LPC2294 (ARM7) Board

Started by gena, June 28, 2022, 07:58:32 AM

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Hello, I am new with ARM microcontrollers. I purchased the following ARM board

LPC2294 (ARM7) Board, Ethernet, CAN, RS232, SD/MMC, 1MB SRAM
from the following vendor: https://microcontrollershop.com/product_info.php?products_id=1417&osCsid=ntkq9m46qv6hkjlhm8c9f59d86

I built the provided example BLINK LED project using the SEGGER Embedded Studio IDE and flashed the binary .hex file using J-Link command line tool. After flashing the target ARM7 device, J-Link is no longer able to establish a connection.

To flash the ARM device I have used the following commands in J-Link command line tool:
h ----> halt
erase ----> Erase flash
loadfile <path to image file.hex>, 0   ---> load .hex binary file
verifybin <path to image file.hex>, 0   ---> verify flashing process
r ----> reset the target device
go  ----> Starts the target CPU

Could you please help with recovering the device? I am totally lost and don't have any idea what I should do to fix that issue.

Thank you!


How are the boot and run jumpers set (two switches in blue plastic)? They control which memory you have access to.

We don't have much experience with Segger tools and software, so if the problem remains maybe try to recover and program the board via the chip's bootloader via FlashMagic tool, that is usually recommended for LPC chips:

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