How to control program/erase time in LPC-H3131

Started by robocen, June 14, 2020, 04:50:54 PM

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Hi, I use LPC-H3131 board. I can already download the firmware to it and make it a USB drive. Currently, I can only send commands to the board to program a page or erase a block in flash device. But I can not control the program process or erase process. What I want to do is to control the program time / erase time.

To be more specific, LPC-H3131 uses K9F4G08U0A as its flash chip, according to the datasheet, the time to program a page is 200us and time to erase a block is 1.5ms. Is there any way to change the time of programming a page or erasing a block?



Can anyone help me with the SDK of LPC-H3131??


We used IAR EW for ARM. However, you can use any software tool that has support for NXP LPC3131 chip, however it might be hard to adapt the demo software for other software tools.
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