What is the lastest mmbasic supported by duinomite-mega?

Started by Barbiani, July 02, 2020, 07:00:43 AM

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I have just bought a kit and am looking for an up to date version.

Currently testing a CAN enabled version.

Thank you.


My advise is to use the good old DMBASIC 2.7 which is delivered by Olimex. As far as I know at least  up to version 4.2 of MMBasic was running on the Duinomite Mega, however was not preferred by the developer (Geoff Graham). I use the Duinomite and also PIC32-T795 modules of Olimex with DMBasic 2.7 however with my own extensions, mainly for the CANbus. I did this for two reasons:
1. The CANbus implementation of the Microchip library has bugs (bitrate settings)
2. Basic is much too slow to use only CAN Transmit and Receive commands. More than 10 specific CAN commands are added.
If you are interested in it, you can visit:

BTW I did some benchmarks on MMBasic 4.2 and DMBasic 2.7. MMBasic had some nice new features, however was much slower in execution of e.g. the simple PRINT command.


I think the latest MMBasic is V4.5B at http://geoffg.net/MonoMaximite.html

but may not be what you actually want.  See http://geoffg.net/DuinoMite.html for features.

KeesZagers has done big changes to CAN which may be what you want but I'm unsure if they're available to all.



Everything I did is available for others. A lot for free, only registration is necessary.
Specific applications like a CANopen Slave module, Physical CAN analyzer (needs additional hardware), Automatic linking of I/O to CAN (version 2.2 of my software) and support for the Olimex display units MOD-LCD2.8RTP and MOD-OLED-128x64 (version 2.3) are to be discussed with my commercial partner.