July 07, 2020, 09:48:02 am

Need suggestions/help

Started by cristomike2, May 08, 2020, 04:08:52 pm

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I am trying to build a project In which I can send audio from the microphone to a smartphone over Bluetooth. I am thinking of using the following components for this project: Arduino Uno, HC -05 Bluetooth module, electret microphone/condenser microphone.

Can I proceed with these components?

I am a little confused as to how to proceed, the microphone will pick the audio and send it to Arduino and from there the Arduino would transmit the data to the phone using Bluetooth module. But I guess I am confused by the transmission part as to how each would transmit.

Thank you in advance, hope everyone is safe. :)


My suggestion would be to start by creating code to send integer values to your phone and see if you can accomplish that before progressing to the microphone.  I presume that you are using classic Bluetooth [HC-05 mentioned] (as opposed to LE) and that you have an Android smartphone.