(AC) Power measurement with ESP32 like Sonoff POW R2

Started by dellekom, June 03, 2020, 01:01:06 PM

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It would be awesome if we had such a device:

- PCB with solid electric connectors (screw terminals) that kann take up to 16 A, 230 V AC. Don't forget Protective Earth terminals to facilitate wiring.

- Relais with the same rating (2 contacts would be great)

- Power measurement circuit very much like Sonoff's POW R2, I think the measuring chip is called CSE7766


- Tasmota can be installed, ideally so that the Pow R2 sensor can be operated maybe out of the box

- Some I/O-Pins to connect a RFC reader.

- I2C bus on pins.

- Two or three digital inputs available (buttons)

- RGB LED visible on the outside

- The voltage should be measured even when relais off (unlike the Sonoff)

I would use it for washing machine control and accounting...



Thanks for accepting the suggestion!

Please let me add why I think this is really needed:

Switches can only switch. If you have to more than just lighting, household or other appliances can get defects. Only by measuring their consumption, you can infer that something is going wrong.

There are hardly any measuring devices with ESP8266 / ESP32 around.

Measuring is often done in a bad way, you only see momentaneuos power, even if it is True RMS. Using a good chip for this like Sonoff did, you can have rather precise measurements. I think this is important.

Measuring consumption of household appliances can easily become personal data according to various data privacy regulations. Therefor, the connection logging this should have a decent encryption on the way to the server. I think only ESP32 can accomplish this.

The PCB should be small enough to fit in a box with electrical plugs like this


Also, an additional 3 phase version of this (only PCB) would be awesome.