RTP With Buster

Started by frikoanpulento, April 28, 2020, 04:54:10 pm

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I'm trying new bionic and buster images on a13-som-512.
I'm using a 7" RGB display with RTP.
So, both with Bionic and Buster I've added fdtoverlays=/usr/lib/olinuxino-overlays/sun5i-a13/sun5i-a13-olimex-lcd-7.dtbo to /boot/uEnv.txt.
On Bionic I get the touch working (i can see /dev/input/input0 and /dev/input/event0, and dmesg | grep 1c25000 gives [   10.113073] sun4i-ts 1c25000.rtp: Invalid configuration, using defaults
[   10.113655] input: 1c25000.rtp as /devices/platform/soc/1c25000.rtp/input/input0
On Buster the touch doesn't work. I see no entry in /dev/input or /sys/class/input and dmesg | grep 1c25000 gives no output.

I see that /usr/lib/linux-image-5.5.9-olimex/sun5i-a13-som-512.dtb is the same for both images (buster and bionic one), and display overlay from both images are the same. (By the way: for a13 you should change display overlay's name, or olinuxino-display won't work).

Is there something else I'm missing to check?