installation - memory medium for the operating system ?

Started by Xkey-score, April 15, 2020, 05:43:48 PM

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I'm really sorry to ask this very silly question but it will be answered all the more quickly... :-\

I am the happy owner of an olinuxino A64 card with this configuration:
A64-OLinuXino-1G with 1GB RAM but NO flash and NO WiFi/BLE connectivity.

Here is THE question :

When booting via SD card to install Armbian I have to connect a memory device (hard drive or usb key) to host the operating system that is installed, isn't it ?

the boot loader should detect the different memory media, right ?

That's it, that's all ...   ::)



I figured out how to switch armbian to a hard drive and other storage.


With the command:


You can find it in the armbian wiki:

It's an obligation, isn't it with the configuration I've chosen ?
The operating system can't be installed on the sd card ?



The operating system is on the SD card.

After a boot from the SD card, the operating system can be transferred to SPI and eMMC relatively easy via nand-sata-install script.

The board can probably boot from SSD but we provide no instructions about that. I've seen customers do it.

I haven't heard anyone booting successfully from USB. I am not exactly sure why is that, maybe people use the wrong USB port.
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