STM32-E407 board to develop signal aquisition project (DSP functions)

Started by tremeliques, January 09, 2020, 11:36:56 PM

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I want to develop a project based on Digital Signal Aquistion and Proccessing. To do this I will need to use DSP extensions (to be more precise IIR filters and FFT function). I searched information and Cortex-M4 based uC are used to do that.

My main questions are:
Can I use STM32-E407 board to fullfill my project requirments?
Can I use the Arduino IDE to develop code?
Someone has code samples of signal aquisition with this board?

Many thanks.


The STM32F407 chip seems capable of implementing FFT and IIR filters, but it is a general-purpose chip. You might consider searching for a DSP specialized chip.

STM32-E407 should be used with general-purpose ARM development tools and environments. A JTAG debugger and general-purpose ARM environment are highly recommended.

I would not recommended to use Arduino IDE for serious development work with STM32-E407. While it is possible to program the board via bootloader and via Arduino IDE, this approach is not suitable for research and development. Furthermore, a lot of Arduino IDE libraries and examples would NOT work with the board without serious software effort.

I searched online and there are some FFT and IIR filter examples for STM32F407 chip available. None of them uses Arduino IDE.

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