Just received my A13-OLinuxino...

Started by Jules, September 14, 2012, 11:58:44 pm

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... and noticed there's no link to a user manual and/or datasheet that I can find.  Are such documents available somewhere I haven't seen, or if not can somebody supply some basic info, like:

* what the board's maximum current draw is
* what the pin assignments of the gpio ports are
* if there's support for lvds lcd displays, or only ttl parallel

Also, my board was dispatched on 12 Sept.  Does this mean the VGA fix is applied to it already?


the manual is work in progress, you can see board GPIO connectors info on http://linux-sunxi.org/A13-OLinuXino

you can recognize if you have the video patch by the presence of the wire on your board near the VGA area


Thanks.  One further question -- is a 9v 2a unregulated PSU likely to be adequate for realistic uses (i.e. not loading up the USB with lots of high-drawing devices, but otherwise using the board fully)?


9V 2A will be more than enough, this board takes about 2W at full speed, this means at 9V the consumption will be about 0.2A
make sure your power supply do not exceed 16V without load - measure with voltmeter as applying over 16V to A13-OLinuXino will burn the front DCDC


I use 5V 2A, apparently works without problem.