freeze olimex A20, Lime 2

Started by crust, February 26, 2021, 03:00:48 pm

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I have an olimex A20 lime 2

Twice a month approximately, it freezes.
I no longer have ssh access, my sites are no longer available and I cannot ping the machine

I have a Li-Po battery attached and I only access it by ssh

I have to dismantle the battery, cut the power supply in order to restart it.

Do you have a tip to properly restart the server in this case?

Run with a debian stable //  yunohost

uname -a
Linux 5.10.14-olimex #144806 SMP Wed Feb 10 14:49:22 UTC 2021 armv7l GNU/Linux

Nothing in the log (kernel.log, syslog, message)



The same issue accrues with me and I was unable to find some solution for this.


It would be interesting to figure our if only the SSH access gets bugged or the whole board. If only the SSH access freezes - maybe it is related to the Ethernet and you can restart only the Ethernet.

There are different ways to determine if only the Ethernet hangs, for example, next time it hangs access the board via other means. Alternatively, program it with blinking LED and check if the blinking LED hangs when SSH hangs.
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At home, all access are frozen : web services ans mail (imap)
I think I'll put a cron the night to restart the server one time a day


I am using the image provided by Olimex and I have a similar problem :

* The card responds to ping.
* ssh -v says that the connection is opened but nothing happens after that step (no authentication attempts are done).
* The serial connection through UART0 is stalled too (nothing gets displayed).
* I haven't seen anything suspicious in the logs

Does anyone have any hint on how we can diagnose this kind of problem ?




I have had same problem. It seems that suspend is enable . By disabling it, no freeze

Command :
sudo systemctl mask

Auto update may also cause the issue


This thread discusses a number of reasons for such freezes.

In my case, the workaround disabling frequency changes does help: after applying it my card which was freezing several times a day is still up and running after 7 days.

To do so, create (or edit) a /etc/default/cpufrequtils file with:

and reboot.