ESP32 EVB Board Rev. H Phy Ethernet not working emac: Timed out waiting for PHY

Started by aoggateway, February 03, 2020, 09:56:48 AM

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I whant to install my Software, which is running on a ESP-32 EVB Rev. F Board
on a ESP-32 EVB Rev. H board.

I use PlatformI/O with Arduino Framework.
With Rev H. Bord the wired Ethernet is not running. On Startup following error message:
ESP32 Chip ID = 74509EA4AE30
E (1063) emac: Timed out waiting for PHY register 0x2 to have value 0x0007(mask 0xffff). Current value 0x0000
E (2064) emac: Timed out waiting for PHY register 0x3 to have value 0xc0f0(mask 0xfff0). Current value 0x0000
E (2065) emac: Initialise PHY device Timeout
[E][ETH.cpp:101] begin(): esp_eth_enable error: -1

What was changed at the phy Ethernet form Rev F oh Rev H ????



I don't think anything related to the Ethernet of ESP32-EVB was changed between those two revisions. But there are other changes that might have triggered the behavior. The hardware revision changes are described here:

Can you try to reset the board via the button and check again? How do you power the board?
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Both boards are powerd with a external 5V supply. Wifi is working well on both boards.
Reset changes nothing . Which Arduino wired ethernet example did you test with the rev. H board successfully? What is the purpose of the GPIO0/XTAL1/CLKIN Connection? Which Level/Signal shall be present at this line at startup and operation? I think there is a general Problem with the Rev H Board regarding wired Ethernet.


Have you found a example (Arduino) where the wired Ethernet Rev H Board is running? Please share to me.


Hello LubOlimex,

can you pleasegive me a answer to my question. With example should run with the wired eathernet EVB Board Revision H ?
Have you found the error in your design? Should I return the rev H. Boards?


Well, we don't typically use PlatformIO, we use ESP32 for Arduino IDE and ESP IDF. There are a lot of environments for ESP32 and we can't cover them all. Will need some time to set the PlatformIO and test. Where can I find the code or the excerpt of the code that you use?

Can you test with this code in Arduino IDE, it works fine with ESP32-EVB:
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How should work this example fine??

Please look at the first two lines:
#define ETH_CLK_MODE ETH_CLOCK_GPIO17_OUT    // Wrong Clock input
#define ETH_PHY_POWER 12                     // IR LED Pin
This example runns not on rev. F and H Boards.



I and my colleague did a video that shows how we test the latest revision of the board with the code from my previous post. Maybe there is a difference on how we proceed and how you proceed. Please check the video and try the same approach:

Let me know if you need more info or if something is not clear. Let me know the results when you do the same. I am suspecting that it might be some other issue in your case, not related to the software or the board revision.
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