Imx233 in SoDimm form factor

Started by ngcoders, October 18, 2012, 08:52:35 AM

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We did work with micro and it to work fine. But micro has DIP header connectivity and if we want to use it in a custom board we require .1" headers which increase height and are PTH. Also USB , RCA and Microsd cannot be rerouted to where we want.

So i was thinking of a 200 Pin So-DIMM formfactor based on micro design. This can be used to do custom boards and maybe the SoDIMM module can be made in bulk and custom base boards can be made as per requirement.It could be used in low quantity device production. 

Would anyone be interested in such a thing or have similar idea's,would love to collaborate ...


Just in case anyone is interested , we modified the micro to fit a SoDIMM :) .


Good job, as I can see.
As I understand, is done on a 4 layer board, with memory mounted on reverse side of the mx233.
I want to try a similar experiment as soon as I can.


If memory was on same side , size was increasing.

Some pics -

It boots fine as of now, we now plan to add USB OTG and a debug header on the main board only. That way it can be easily used even without the connector base.