A13 SOM 512 latest armbian images

Started by dkibble, December 30, 2019, 10:29:28 pm

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Hi Guys

I've got quite a few A13 SOM modules which I need to upgrade from Wheezy to something up to date. I've got the latest olimex images working once I found the right ones on the FTP site! However, there are a few kernel tweaks I need so I want to rebuild them. The build instructions state to use the olimex-dev branch of the build codebase, but that's about 5 years old by the look of it. Never the less, I have tried that and no luck. U-Boot fires up but the kernel fails to load with no error, just "Starting Kernel". Even with earlyprintk there's no output  :'(

I have tried the mainline armbian code with all manner of variations but haven't had a single success, always the same situation, a working u-boot but can't load the kernel. I've now also tried the master and olimex branches from the the olimex repo but with no luck. So, please - can anyone give a set of working build instructions for an Olimex-A13-SOM-512 with the new RAM? I need to build in docker, so a working armbian build would be fantastic.

Many thanks


I think you need u-boot from around the same time as the kernel as u-boot seems nowadays to "know more" (*) than it used to do.

(*) I may mean: is incompatible with older kernels



Hi John.

The Armbian source is both u-boot and kernel so they should be aligned. The Olimex fork of the build system pulls from Armbian repos so it's very odd why nothing works.

I think the 'new' images (Nov 2019) from Olimex are based on quite old Armbian builds, so possibly something has broken recently.

Guess I'm hoping someone here has worked through getting mainline Armbian working on the A13.

For now I've managed to get a Jessie image built using the legacy u-boot and kernel, but would definitely prefer to go the Armbian route!

Many thanks