Audio Line In on A20 ?

Started by gkzsolt, November 30, 2019, 09:25:00 pm

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I bought an A20 intending to use audio in and out. Unfortunately I am interested in stereo line in, and from the schematics I see the input jack is connected only to MICIN1, so no way to get stereo line in from there (I read somewhere MIC/IN can be switched to LINE IN through a jumper - but I guess not in this board..)

Can I access the processor LINE IN pins from the GPIO? Is there a decent map of the GPIO pins in A20? I found only some screenshot on internet, where I see LINEINR twice, on the GPIO-1 bank, I think pins 30 and 32, am I right? (it is dreadful to look at those images;)

I also think that will need some circuitry (at least some capacitors) if I'd like to hook in. Or are there other options?

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Which A20 board exactly do you have?
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It is an A20-MICRO-E16GS16. If I am gonna to use the LINEINR/LINEINL pins, then I'd need some driver support as well, I guess.