Started by ISimion, October 11, 2019, 10:24:12 am

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I have a MOD RFID1356-BOX and I've played around with it.

Recently I just notice that this RFID is just a reader (from the descriptive title on your website [] -> USB RFID reader for 13.56MHz TAGS with emulation of keyboard and RS232, meaning I cannot write my own sequence of characters on the tag. If this is correct can somebody please explain what this (cT1,T2,FFCCDD...DD) commands are doing.

1. It says it is for writing some of them, but here I get confused, if the device is just for reading, how can I write? 2. And secondly, why would I use those commands (can somebody please give me some explicit examples, from the documentation I get very little).

Moreover, for what I am trying to develop, I would need the feature of writing the tags with my sequence of characters, and if the mentioned product (MOD RFID1356-BOX) cannot do this 3. can somebody please confirm if I buy a MOD RFID1356-MIFARE I would be able to do that?


You need to make sure that you have a "dynamic" tag with EEPROM memory. Most tags are not "dynamic". Typically, the ID of a tag is programmed during production and can NOT be changed, due to security reasons (you don't want people with physical access to the tag to be able to modify it - such an action can compromise your whole RFID setup). The most typical use of RFID readers is: you get a tag with a final ID programmer and you read the value; then base your code and hardware behavior on the value read.

After you have a "programmable" tag you would need to enter CDC mode of operation and issue a custom command for writing. The custom command for writing follows a specific syntax and requires some calculations. Refer to pages 9, 10, and 11 of the user's manual for more information. We don't have 1356 tags with EEPROM suitable for older protocol used by MOD-RFID1356-BOX.

Quote3. can somebody please confirm if I buy a MOD RFID1356-MIFARE I would be able to do that?

Yes and let me say the the 1356 MIFARE might be easier to use for your case. And the tags that we offer for the MOD-RFID1356MIFARE are suitable for EEPROM programming.
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