Olimex battery packs doubts (BATTERY-LIPO4400mAh )

Started by asl07, May 22, 2019, 02:04:38 PM

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I'd like to get the answer to some doubts regarding olimex lipo battery packs. I am planning to buy some as they have a very good price.

Hopefully I gan get some help from you guys. Thanks!

1. The website states "The battery has overcharge and short circuit protection.", but, do they have overdischarge protection?

2. The cutoff voltage is stated as 3V, why is this? I can see that the cutoff voltage for most of the 18650 batteries is 2.5V.

3. Can I connect two of BATTERY-LIPO4400mAh  packs in series without any additional protection? (they are individually protected)

4. What is the shelf life of this battery pack if left unused at room temperature?