configure A33-OlinuXino-n8GB to work with LVDS display FRD101P50011-G-CTK

Started by Backloz, September 11, 2019, 02:09:58 pm

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Hello. I need to connect the flatlink LVDS display module with touchscreen FRD101P50011-G-CTK to the A33-OlinuXino-n8GB board. I downloaded the prebuild image: Armbian_5.72.1_Olinuxino-a33_Ubuntu_bionic_next_4.19.17_desktop, and write it to the microSD card. I connected the display to the board. Advise me where I can find information on setting up the lvds kernel module for a33. Do I understand correctly that in order to determine the framebufer device at system boot, I have to recompile the device tree blob file, and if so, can this be done in prebuild system or better to compile from source codes ?? Can I manually load kernel module for lvds??


I installed the A33_OLinuXino_allwinner_kernel_3.4.39_Jessie_rel_1.img image on the micro SD card. After editing /boot/script.bin, I was able to display the image on the LCD-OLinuXino-10 via the RGB interface. Now I need to connect the MTF101IA display via the LVDS interface (FLAT-LINK).
I ask the guru for help, tell me please how to correctly configure the .fex file for this display. I am attaching a link to tst1.fex file which I tried to set up for the display.