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Esp32Pro board

Started by crmabs, November 18, 2019, 03:52:19 PM

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Guys, I must admit: I got lost setting up my Esp32Pro board. The goal is to use it as a "regular" Esp32 board, like esp32-evb using the good old - or the new - ESP-IDF.
In this case I need to program the Pic32 and when that's done I can tartget the esp32 behind it. I scraped all the information about the topic - found very little and I got this far:

Could you please point me to the proper direction!
Many thanks in advance!


If you wish to program the ESP32 you don't need to take any extra steps just install the Arduino library for ESP32 as mentioned here:


Use Olimex ESP32-EVB configuration until we add configuration for ESP32-PRO.

Notice that there was a problem with the esptool in some older versions of the Arduino package for ESP32 boards that might cause upload problems with ESP32-PRO. You need to load the latest stable version of the package. If it doesn't work, try another newer stable or dev version.

Then go to Tools -> Board -> Board manager and type ESP32 in the search box. Select version 1.0.1 and install it. If you keep both the old and the new json links and packages, make sure to carefully select board and example from the sub-menu corresponding for the 1.0.1 version (since both the old stable version and new dev version would have lists shown).

I took two screenshots of my configuration. Also tested if WIFI scan example uploads and runs well, and it does run well. Check these in the album here: https://imgur.com/a/tG74Loi

Make sure that proper drivers for the USB-serial adapter in ESP32-PRO. ESP32-PRO has a PIC32 MCU onboard, which main role is to provide USB->Serial bridge, so you can upload your sketches to ESP32 chip with USB interface. Unfortunately you must install drivers, as Windows doesn't recognize the device as standard CDC device. To download the driver, please go to https://github.com/chipKIT32/chipKIT32-MAX/tree/master/build/windows/dist/drivers/chipKIT%20Drivers

After downloading, install the driver. Windows should now recognize ESP32-PRO board as stk500v2 device. You will also see new COM port created. Refer to third picture of a properly installed and recognized device.
Technical support and documentation manager at Olimex


thanks for the prompt reply. I'll report back as soon as I can test it again.