esp32-poe-iso won't fire the SYSTEM_EVENT_ETH_GOT_IP event

Started by RobLatour, September 05, 2019, 02:05:37 AM

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I have an esp32-poe-iso card that will fire the SYSTEM_EVENT_ETH_START and SYSTEM_EVENT_ETH_CONNECTED events, but will not currently fire the SYSTEM_EVENT_ETH_GOT_IP

This had been working at one point, but is no longer.

The yellow led nearest the lan port is on in a solid fashion as are the red and green leds, the remaing yellow led is flickering.

I've orderd a new card, but while I wait, is there anything I can do to further test / salvage the card that I have?


so the new card arrived and it works as it should. 

the old card still does not; can it be reflashed or something like that?


If the board was working fine, and then stopped working without any changes to the hardware or software setup - they either the boar or something the setup broke somehow.

Did you also test the Arduino IDE example? This would reduce the chances of a software issue.

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