Question on 2 Ethernet Ports and 4 UARTS on IND editions

Started by gops, April 01, 2019, 02:39:54 pm

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We are evaluating the boards and SCB, Olimex seems promising for our requirements.

We have below requirements.

1. 2 Ethernet Port
2. 4 UARTS
3. WIFI/BLE support
4. Industrail Temp
5. 1 GB
6. Dual Core Processors
7. RTC

We will create a custom boards that will host 4 RS 485 chips and also we can use the same for additional Ethernet Port.

Can you please guide us to right information?


We don't have a board to fit all the requirements at the same time.

But some ideas and extra information:

Make sure to also consider RT535F-OLinuXino, it has 2 x Ethernet and WIFI, it is also an open-source SOM design that allows creating a custom bottom board with peripherals to reduce costs in bigger projects:

For the RS485 - consider Olimex MOD-RS485-ISO - it can be configured to use I2C instead of UART (in case you want to use it with RT5350F-OLinuXino):

The boards with Allwinner chip that we offer have difficult time running two native Ethernets at the same time. So if you go with A20 board, consider that only one native Ethernet is available. A second might probably be added with USB-Ethernet adapter. This way you can have one MbE or GbE native Ethernet and one Ethernet via USB adapter. The same can be said for WIFI - probably USB-WIFI adapter would be the best bet. The A20 chip has enough UARTs. The A20 chip has up to 8 UARTs. Some software configuration might be required depending on the board and image used.

If you still prefer boards with Allwinner chip, then for smaller projects consider boards like:  A20-OLinuXino-LIME, A20-OLinuXino-LIME2, A20-OLinuXino-MICRO - each of these boards has industrial version. Maybe also check boards like A64-OLinuXino (it has WIFI/BLE module on-board).

For bigger projects with scaling in mind consider A20-SOM-EVB and A20-SOM204-EVB (there is no industrial version for A20-SOM204-EVB yet but it comes with WIFI/BLE module on-board).
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Thanks for the detailed reply, I have few follow up questions.

1. Will A20 can handle USB-Ethernet as second port without issue or do we still face issue with All Winner to handle two Ethernet Port simultaneously?  We need both the Ethernet to be active ,one connected to PLC and one with mainstream Internet or control room. Both needs critical time frame to operate.
2. OK to go with SPI/I2C for additional UART if required.

Can A64 IND can handle 2 port simultaneously? I know it has no WIFI/BLE. Is there any plan to bring WIFI/BLE  to A64 IND?


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1. You can have one PHY native Ethernet and USB-Ethernet modem and even USB-WIFI modem at the same time no problems. The only thing to keep in mind in such a hardware setup would probably be the power consumption at the USB ports, it is good idea to search for USB modems that consume less current. Most of the A20 boards have one port capable of providing ~1A of current and one port capable of providing ~0.5A of current.

2. We are always open for suggestions and everything is possible but at the current moment I don't think industrial A64 board with WIFI/BLE is possibility, since the WIFI/BLE combo module that we use rtl8723bs doesn't have industrial version. If you or somebody else can suggest similar chip to rtl8723bs that has industrial temperature range version, we would look into it.
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