Issues with new esp8266 Rev A

Started by dcosper, September 06, 2020, 05:27:51 pm

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I purchased this just the other day, it is not the dev, it has a small black 10 pin female connector to the unit, firstly, i am a novice so please forgive me, secondly, this component came with 0 information at all, just the item in a small plastic bag, so this means i have to spend quite a bit of time searching the internet attempting to find out what the pin layout is (otherwise how will i connect it?), I did find it eventually, even though all the official documents do not contain that information, i found a UNEXT diagram, it stated that if i turn the item on its side with the UNEXT text pointing upwards, that the pin count would start from 1 on the left hand side, and continue to 10 normally, this means that pin 1 is vcc of 3.3v input, and pin 2 (right next to it) is GND, however, when i hook those up to a power supply (yes 3.3v), the item becomes very hot very fast, and i end up unplugging it because i think i maybe have the polarity reversed or something, any clue what i am doing wrong ?


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Yes i read every document, nowhere is there a simple diagram stating what the pinout is.
Found that diagram while searching google, unsure if it is correct, and unsure why this information is not in the official documents.


Does the wikipedia entry for UEXT not help (as it did me)?



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@dcosper The picture is correct. It is from this document:

Edit: if you use MOD-WIFI-ESP8266 notice that it has a female plug connector, while the picture shows a male socket connector. The board has IDC10S, while the picture was made for BH10S.
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Then we are back to my original complaint, when you hook a 3.3v power supply to this item it becomes super hot, and is unusable, however, it took so long to gather information on this model i just chose to purchase more esp8266 from other companies, thankyou