What are going to do with your OLinuXino?

Started by petri, September 20, 2012, 09:50:59 PM

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I've been toying for a while with i.MX233/OLinuXino to learn about operating systems and ARM architecture.
That part so far have gone well and slowly start to think what problem to solve with the device :-)

Do you have creative ideas what to do with the device? Some sort of home automation? Stand alone Internet Radio? (That's what I'd like to have) I would like to hear what _you_ want to with the device?



I am using this to interface to a Ham Radio and a linked radio network.  Specifically a mobile node in the radio network.  Once I figure out how to make the microphone input to work, this will make a nice, low power, very transportable node.



i have similar plans to install thelinkbox or svxlink on my 233 micro as a repeater controller. should be powerful enough and ultra low power. it will decode dtmf commands, give voice announcements, control the radio gear, and maybe monitor and controll the solar power/charging gear. and of course echolink internet and linking to the next city repeater.


I made a contoller for my solarpannel solartracker. It calculates the position of the sun and contoles the motor to make the movemants. Due to the surface of the pannels and the heavy wind possebility the wind speed is measured and can give a command to lay down the pannels in a flat position.